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Hi i am a mother of 3 with #4 on the way. I have been crafting, sewing, and tons of other things for as long as i can remember. I was tought all of this from my mother. I have been merried for 8 years.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Yarn wreath

It took me two days to do this but that was is my spare is now hanging on my door so everyone can see it........You could also make it more better by hot gluing some balls or other Christmas this to it.....

What you need
1 wire hanger
2 or more colors of yarn
Pair of scissors
Piece of card board

First you will take the hanger and make it into a circle. Once that is done you need to know if you want to tie or slip your yarn bows on.

Now that is done you will need to take your card board and wrap it 10 times. Cut it off rolled yarn. Cut another piece of yarn. Take your yarn off the card board and tie it with that piece you just cut. Now if you have chosen to tie them on you will just take it to your hanger and tie it in a knot two times to stay. If you have chosen to slip it on you will need to unhoop the two pieces of the wire and then slip it on. When you are putting them on you need to make sure that place them in different directions.

One you are done hanger on your door.

Now these can also be done for just about any season

Valentines Day - Red and pink
St. Patrick's Day - two different shades of green
Easter - baby pastels
4th of July - Red, White and blue
Halloween - orange and black
Thanksgiving - orange and brown
Christmas - Red, green and white
Father's Day - 2 shades of blue
Mother's Day - pinks, reds (favorite color of that mother)
New baby - pinks, blues, yellow and white (depends on the sex of the baby)

You could even do one for your child birthday with there favorite color

If you need any help please just ask.......

You can get more help at


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